Big Seed families Welcome to May

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us at conferences! We enjoyed seeing everyone and catching up on what’s new. 

This past month, we learned about the zoo, its animals, and the sounds they make. We also learned the signs for “monkey” and “elephant.” Now, we have a classroom full of wild animals making animal sounds all day.

Hopefully, May will bring us more sunshine and flowers! This month we will be looking at “Bugs and Blooms.” 

May Songs:

  • Baby Bumblebee          
  • Ants Go Marching
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

May Books:

  • Welcome Spring!
  • Who’s Hiding in the Pond?

May ASL Signs:

  • Thank you
  • Help 

We continue to support the Big Seeds on their road to independence by giving them time to do for themselves. The “coat trick,” washing their hands independently, and even throwing their paper towels away are examples of their work each day. The proud smile they exhibit while doing their job is priceless!

Monthly Updates

  • Alice has been loving that she can talk and communicate with us. She loves yelling her friends’ names from across the room and greeting them in the morning. We can always count on Alice to help clean up toys inside and out!
  • Bode has been loving playing with the trucks and cars in our classroom; you will find him lining up the trucks along the curb outside and stacking them into one big pile. He also loves relaxing in our library and reading books to himself. Sometimes, he even reads to friends. 
  • Brody has become our classroom entertainer! He laughs and plays while all of his friends are standing around him watching. His laugh is contagious and can turn anyone’s frown into a smile.  
  • Jordan is so close to walking! He is learning new things so fast, like helping put toys away and learning how to climb up and down the pikler climber.
  • Mary is so independent and wants no help from teachers. She puts her shoes and socks on independently and is minutes away from mastering the coat trick.
  • Norah is our little classroom helper. She loves bringing her plate to us when she is done with her meal, picking up little pieces of trash around the classroom, and putting toys away when it is time to clean up. You can always catch her wanting to snuggle with a teacher, too.
  • Owen loves dress-up clothes, especially hats. He almost always has a hat and a smock on while playing in the classroom. Owen loves a good snuggle and story time with his teachers.
  • Savannah is saying more and more words every day. She surprises us by talking to her friends and to the teachers. Savannah is our little social butterfly and loves playing with everyone!

Enjoy your month, Maryanne and Maria

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