Dear Big Seed Families,
It is always surprising just how fast a month ends…
Here we are again starting a new month! Our Big
Seeds are busy toddlers as they grow and continue to
During March we will explore the Zoo, with lions,
tigers, and Big Seeds… Oh My!.
What We Know!
Archer continues to master his walking skills. He
sometimes tries to walk faster than his legs want to
move. He is building friendships with his peers and
loves hugs from his teachers.
Avery copies most word sounds while singing
classroom songs with the teachers. She has become a
huge help when cleaning up as she remembers where
everything belongs. Avery is more and more
independent every day!
Beckett has now mastered walking. He is all over
the place exploring the entire classroom! Beckett has
recently started wanting to give all of his classmates
hugs. Great way to be a friend!
Finn joined our classroom in February and has
already learned how to keep up with the walkers by
crawling super fast! Nothing stops him in the Big
Seed Room! We are glad you joined our classroom.
Riley has learned to use her climbing energy in other
areas such as teacher helper, table cleaner, and
missing item finder 🙂 She continues to explore our
classroom and playground with no fear!

Rowan has quite the arm as he learns that balls are
for throwing and toys stay on the floor or tables. He
is catching on quickly and loves the amount of balls
we offer him during the day. Rowan continues to
love being read to and looking at the picture in our
classroom library!
Otto is the twin brother of Finn and started the first
of February as well. He is fast at crawling around
but is so close to walking! Otto loves playing with
the trucks and cars as he scoots them all over the
carpet area. We are glad to have you as a Big Seed!
Julia is very independent and lets you know her
needs and wants… but can also be such a snuggler
as she scrunches her nose, laughs, and scoots in the
teacher’s direction for a little extra attention at
times. She loves to hear songs and joins in by
dancing as she rocks back and forth!
We will be wearing green Friday, March 17th for St.
Patrick’s Day!
We will be closed April 14th for Parent-Teacher
Conferences. Giving you an early reminder 🙂
Please check your child’s file outside of the main
door- they have some awesome art to show you!
Best wishes always,
Ms. Kate, Ms. Devi, and Ms Stephanie

Lions, Tigers, and Big Seeds?
Oh My!
Lion- The sign for Lion is like a lion running its
paw through its own mane. Make your hand into a
claw shape with your fingers spread apart and
curved. Take your hand with your palm down and
run it from the front of your forehead to the back
of your head.
Monkey- To sign Monkey, you hold your arms out
and scratch at your armpits with your hands.
Milk- The Milk sign is like you are milking a cow,
but without the vertical motion- you are just
squeezing the udder. Take both hands, make them
into a fist, relax, and repeat.
*Wild Numbers
*1, 2 At the Zoo
*Hi-Five Animals

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