March 2024 Calendar:

  • March 1: First Friday
  • March 13: Leprechaun arrives
  • March 13: Board Meeting
  • March 17: St Patrick’s Day

Core Area Block Grant:

Growing Tree is in the process of upgrading our ventilation system. Assessments revealed an additional challenge: our electrical infrastructure needs to be improved to support any significant upgrades, rendering our efforts to enhance the facility futile without first upgrading the electrical service (total cost of $36500). Growing Tree submitted a grant proposal to the city for $18250 and was awarded $13,750 to apply to upgrade our electrical panel. Thank you, City of Bend!

St. Patrick’s Day:

The annual leprechauns will arrive in the classrooms on March 13th. We cannot wait to see the chaos they bring this year. We might even get “Lucky” and catch one this year. Check-in with your child each day to get the whole story. Mark your calendar to wear GREEN on Friday, March 15th.

Brightwheel Messages:

The Brightwheel app is our messaging tool to reach parents in case of school closures, emergencies, reminders, events, etc. We may be unable to give you a lot of notice in emergencies and school closures. We appreciate you being in tune with your Brightwheel messages. Thank you

New School Closure:

  • Growing Tree has added the following closure to the Holiday schedule.
  • Monday August 26th thru Monday September 2nd.
  • This closure allows GT to do larger maintenance projects without inconveniencing staff and children.
  • It allows our staff quality time for themselves.
  • The staff will be paid for this week off.
  • Thank you for supporting our staff development

Summer Swim Registration:

Again this year, we will offer swim lessons at Juniper Pool for our Branch and Blossom kiddos. The sign-up sheet will be available at the front desk on Wednesday, March 6. You can sign up in person or message us through Brightwheel. Payment will be due by March 15th.

  • Swim Lessons: June 17-27th. Monday – Thursday for a total of 8 lessons
  • Cost: $85
  • Transportation: Growing Tree Van
  • Space is limited to 20 children
  • Payment due by March 15th

First Friday:

Growing Tree provides a parent’s night out on the First Friday of each month. This is an excellent opportunity for a date night or quiet time. The evening includes dinner, crafts, and a movie. Children should bring their pajamas. Our next First Friday is March 1st. Sign up at the front desk.

  • Sign up at the front desk – space is limited.
  • Time: 5:30-10:00pm
  • Cost: $40 per child
  • Bring pajamas
  • Enjoy your evening

Inclement Weather:

Growing Tree does not follow the Bend-La Pine school district’s Inclement weather policy for closures or delayed start of school. Our goal is to be open. If the school district does post a closure or delay, I typically will notify all families through our Brightwheel App what Growing Tree’s intent is for that day.

Play Lists:

Class playlists are available on the website under the Parent Tab.
Log-in information is: username: parent password: gtcc2023

Helpful Hints:

  • Growing Tree is a nonprofit organization. If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors please speak with Tammy.
  • All clothes from home should be labeled with your child name
  • Please take your child’s nap supplies home each Friday to wash and return them on Monday.
  • Check your child’s file folder on Fridays

Blue Bag Drive:

Blue bags are available for your recyclable bottles and cans. Each sleeve of bags earns you one volunteer hour. Please drop your full blue bags at the bottle drop located at 755 NE 2nd St, Bend, OR 97701. Thank you. To date, Growing Tree has received $2000 from your recycling.

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