Dear Branch Families,
Where do we begin? March proved to be quite a busy month… it was difficult to fit in all the learning
activities and art planned, but we did it! We began our ‘Rainbows & Rhymes’ study by rhyming, of
course! What better way to introduce the concept ofrhyming words than by reading anything and
everything Dr. Seuss, the rhyming genius!? After just a few short days, it was safe to say that our
Branchers had the rhyming concept down! All throughout the month, the rhymes became more
advanced and creative.

Now onto rainbows! As we began our discussion, we just simply talked about the rainbow, its colors, and its shape. As a whole group, we discussed how a rainbow is created. Our Branchers discovered that a rainbow is formed when sunlight shines through raindrops. Simple explanation, but big result! Our Branchers were so excited to learn just how a rainbow was formed! As we made our way outside
that morning after our discussion many friends in the classroom ran outside to search the sky for a
beautiful rainbow. With all the excitement discovering different facts and knowledge about rainbows, it was time for a little voting! As you know, our classroom votes everyday. Whether it is voting on a book to read or activity to do, we provide our Branchers the opportunity to give their opinion and have a chance to stand out and say what they like! Our voting topic of the day was, “What is your favorite color in the rainbow?” Each Brancher was able to stand in front of their friends at circle time and state their favorite color. Once they voted a colored half circle was added to a rainbow graph on our door corresponding to their vote. When the voting was done and the rainbow graph was up, Violet had the most votes with Indigo and Green tied for second. Now it was time to make our own rainbow art. Using tissue paper squares each Branchers searched for the colors of the rainbow to glue them onto their rainbow arch. This was a simple yet beautiful art project to brighten up the classroom this month. The rainbow art didn’t stop there though. The Branchers also used markers to draw their very own rainbow. After their rainbow was complete they had the opportunity to write (or trace) the rainbow colors as they are spelled out. It was impressive to hear them sound out each letter as they wrote it down. And last but certainly not least this month for our self portraits each Brancher created a rainbow border around their self portrait. This helped to solidify their newfound knowledge that rainbows are not arches but actually circles. Just on the ground we can only
see an arch but if we were in the sky we would see a circle.

In the spirit of spring and brightening up our classroom we also grew our own rainbow! Using
soil, plastic cups, and wildflower seeds. Each Brancher had the opportunity to plant their own
seeds and watch them sprout in the classroom! It has been so fun to watch the seeds grow as we plant our rainbow of colors. Primary colors were next on our discovery list! We introduced a new book at circle time called Mix it up! by Herve’ Tullet. In the book we learned that there were three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. The book interactively explained the way that adding colors together could create secondary colors (orange, green, and purple.) We also discovered that adding white to colors would make them more pastel while adding black would make them darker. Who
knew red, yellow and blue could be so magical!

After learning about color theory the Branchers put their knowledge to the test with some art of their
own. They mixed together primary colors of paint to make so many unique and beautiful shades of
secondary colors on their papers! As you may know, we had a fun leprechaun visit us
prior to St. Patrick’s Day! As we entered our classroom one day we discovered that the leprechaun
had left us a note. We learned that his name was Liam, Liam the Leprechaun. He was a leprechaun
who stood a mere two inches tall. He was so small that we could never find him, but we knew he was
there! As we read the note, we discovered that Liam was in search of his lost gold, and he needed the
Branchers help to find it! Good thing our Branchers love a challenge, because after a few more notes,
clues, and fun games, they were able to find each and every missing piece of gold for Liam! As a
sweet “thank you!” Before making his way back to Ireland, Liam left each Brancher a single piece of
candy and a piece of gold in their shoe.

welcome the month of April and all that it brings!
Next up: WEATHER and all its wonders!
Ms Heather & Ms.Gracen

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