Dear Blossom Families,

Our study of the body has been such a fun discovery that we are incredibly excited to extend it into February. Our class has been eager to share their knowledge of germs and the body, and every day has brought new insights. 

For January, we started our month by learning about the different germs that can affect our body–from bacteria to fungi. We learned that not all germs are harmful; some are essential to help our bodies! Our classroom was full of experiments for this study, and we learned how germs can affect living things over time, what happens when we wash our hands, and how we spread germs from surface to surface. 

After learning about germs, we then dove into learning about different systems of the body. We started by learning about our skeletal system and assembling a skeletal puzzle to understand how our bones work together. We moved on to the muscular system and learned how our muscles build off our bones’ framework to help our bodies move. With this, we made working hands to demonstrate how our muscles work. 

Next, we learned about the digestive system and how our body processes food and gets the nutrients to all different body parts. We first focused on the stomach and made individual stomachs to show how we chew food and how it is further broken down with the stomach acids. As a class, we built a working digestive system next, taking turns to be the chewing, the esophagus, and the intestines, showing how it leaves the body as excrement. 

We then learned about the circulatory system and how it pumps blood throughout our bodies. With this study, we built our beating hearts to show how they work and had a healthy movement day to learn the many different exercises and actions we can do to keep our hearts strong. 

We were grateful to have a few different parents in the medical field stop by and teach our class some firsthand knowledge about how our bodies work. Bringing in such firsthand knowledge adds a deeper level of insight for the children, and they take this knowledge with them and bring it into their dramatic play and other studies. We look forward to each of these presentations, and if you have something to share with the class regarding the study at hand, please speak with us. We would love to have you! 

February’s focus will be continuing our study of the body and learning about nutrition and healthy habits.

This month, we welcomed a new teacher into the Blossom classroom– Ms. Stephanie! We are very grateful to have her and her years of experience in teaching children. The class has already taken to getting to know her, and we are excited to learn even more! Also, Keegan is back; he is dividing his time between the Branch/Blossom rooms, helping with breaks and teacher prep.

“Your habits will determine your future.” 

–Jack Canfield

All of the love, Ms. Madeline and Ms. Stephanie

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