Dear Blossom Families,
This group certainly has a special connection and
love for animals. We studied beaver pelts, compared
wolves and foxes, created bird nests and other bird
inspired art, and explored the wondrous life cycle of
a salmon. We were amazed by the curiosity and
compassion the Blossoms took to learning about
each animal. While exploring the ODFW animal
pelts, Saylor shared, “I think I feel kind of sad for the
animals, but it’s nice we get to learn!” The Blossoms
loved learning about every animal and are excited to
see some of the animals we studied on our field trip
to the High Desert Museum. We hope that you and
your Blossom continue to learn and explore many
more of the animals that we share our home with!
Questions to ask your Oregon animal expert:

  • Why are beavers’ two front teeth so large?
  • How do beavers change the environment they
    live in?
  • What challenges/predators do salmon face on
    their journey home from the ocean?
  • How do salmon (while they are alive and after
    they have died) help other creatures and the
    earth around them?
  • Who would win the race, an eagle or a peregrine
    This April we will begin the building study. In past
    years we have found this to be a study that Blossoms
    truly thrive in. The brain, drawn to patterns and
    seeking order, endlessly lends to the drive and
    creativity of 4 and 5 year-olds. Preschoolers can
    build with almost anything, and this month we will!
    As you surely know, your Blossoms are particularly
    curious about the world directly around them.
    Everyday we enter buildings-stores, libraries, offices,
  • homes, schools, theaters. Some buildings tell us their
  • purpose in a glance, others are so impressive they
  • inspire us. But what makes a building a building?
  • How are they made, and what are they made of?
  • Who contributes to a building’s creation? What are
  • they used for and what features do they share? This
  • month we will learn about buildings from around the
  • world and those right here in our community. We’ll
  • compare and build with endless materials. We’ll talk
  • about domes, pillars, arches and eves. We’ll make
  • blueprints, designs, and models. We’ll become
  • architects, engineers, builders and innovators. The
  • Blossoms already enjoy building towers in the block
  • center and houses with our outdoor blocks! We are
  • so excited for this study! If you have any ideas,
  • materials or expertise to share, please let us
  • know! Materials shared in the past have included
  • large shipping boxes, old house and building plans,
  • and family members sharing their expertise as an
  • electrician, project manager and architect among
  • others.
  • As always, we are so grateful to you for sharing your
  • creative, kind, curious, clever, capable, caring
  • children with us this year!
  • We wish you well,
  • Rachel, Emily, Kinderoo & Joey

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