The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Blossom Families,

We are so proud of all your Blossom tree experts! Over the past month we have identified many different kinds of trees, investigated their characteristics, and explored their life cycles. We learned why trees are life sustaining and essential to our world. The Blossom’s were so excited to even meet a real Forest Ranger! Thank you so much to Nora’s family for that fun experience. 

Questions to ask your tree expert:

  • What are some types of trees in Bend, Oregon?
  • What kind of animals live in trees?
  • What do trees give us? (This is a loaded question!)
  • -Where does paper come from?

Starting in December we will begin our Winter Celebrations Around the World study. We will be learning about family traditions practiced when celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year! In addition, the Blossom’s will learn about A Cobweb Christmas (Ukranian), and make their own Pickle in a Tree (German)! We will cook, sing, play, and dance. Blossoms will explore the significance and use of light in each holiday to make comparisons. Many Blossoms have expressed interest in sharing and finding different countries on classroom maps and globes. Following this interest, to explore various Christmas traditions, we will read stories, play games, and create art from a few countries where Christmas is widely celebrated. Before our New Year’s celebrations we will be asking Blossoms to share special traditions they are experiencing at home. As always, please reach out with any special connections related to our study! We would love to have any parents come in to talk about their holiday traditions!

We are so excited to have our sing-a-long this year!

The Blossom’s have been working very hard to impress and have been heard singing around the playground, classroom, and even in their sleep! 

Holiday Sing-A-Long:

December 11th, 2023


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (UUFCO)

61980 Skyline Ranch Rd, Bend, OR 97703

Please remember to pack weather appropriate gear for your kiddos as it starts to get colder! Fluffy jackets, mittens, hats, parkas, you name it! We also recommend an extra change of warm weather clothing as well. 

Wishing you well,

Miss Miriam and Miss Madeline

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