Dear Blossom Families,

It is hard to believe the first month of school is behind us! Over these past few weeks we have been learning more and more about your children–their likes and dislikes, their interests, and how we can best support them over the coming eleven months. 

You may have heard your child talking about their “life skills.” These are the 5 skills we have been practicing this past month with our puppet friends Kinderoo and Joey. Saying “hello” and asking Kinderoo and Joey questions has been a highlight for us! Our life skills include being helpful, patient, respectful, responsible and careful. Your child may be interested in discussing the life skills at home, as this will reflect an important part of their daily life at school for the rest of the year.

Questions to ask your growing Blossom:

  • How does Kinderoo keep Joey safe?
  • How can we keep our classroom safe?
  • What is a connection?
  • What is your favorite part of the day?
  • What is your favorite art tool/material to create with in the Blossom room?

Now that your child understands the ins and outs of a successful day in the Blossom room, we are geared up and ready to start our first study! These kids are ready for some content, and we are excited to deliver! Mckenzie and Clover have already started giving us suggestions for what we can all learn about. For our first study we will be jumping into the world of fairytales. Over the next few weeks we will see, perform, re-tell, represent and discover our favorite fairytales. Along with exploring the elements of a fairytale we will learn about where fairytales originate from, different tropes of fairytales, morals, and even creating our own fairytales! We will act out stories and create puppets and a shadow box theater. We are so excited for this fun and imaginative unit to begin! 

It has been wonderful getting to know you and your children this month. It is safe to say that we are experts with the fun facts we have shared so far! We are eager to continue meeting new Blossom family members this year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions/concerns/stories through Brightwheel, phone calls, or pick-up check ins. We are here to support you and your children!


  • Please send a change of seasonally appropriate clothes to be kept in your Blossom’s blue cubby bin.

We are so grateful to you for sharing your creative, kind, curious, clever, capable, caring children with us this year!

We wish you well,

Ms. Miriam, Mr. Keegan, and Ms. Madeline

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