Dear Blossom Families,

Hello! We are so excited to meet our new Blossom Class of 2024.

We hope you are having a peaceful transition to a new classroom and a new school year. 

Our study this month will focus on Life Skills! We will be learning about instilling the properties of being helpful, patient, respectful, responsible, and careful in the classroom to set a good precedent for the year ahead. We will always brush up on our 

daily life skills, such as cleaning up after ourselves, keeping our hands to ourselves, and table manners. 

Some questions to ask your Blossoms:

What are your teachers’ names?

How do we keep our classroom safe?

What are some Life Skills you learned?

Meet the Teachers:

Ms. Miriam: Hello! I am very excited to meet our Blossom Class of 2024! I grew up in Ventura,  California, where I was a former MyGym Instructor and music teacher. Ever since preschool, I was inspired by my teachers to someday become a teacher. I attended California State University, Northridge, and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. It is an honor to be able to continue in the Blossom classroom this year! Learning through play is a philosophy I am very passionate about, and I am grateful to be able to learn and grow with our Blossoms this upcoming school year.

Mr. Keegan: Hello to all! I have been with the Growing Tree and Blossoms since April 2023. I am a graduate of the New Mexico Military Institute. However, I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, where I worked in behavioral support for impacted youth. Building social and play skills was a major part of my previous work, and I am excited to bring that knowledge to our community. Thank you all for welcoming me into the Growing Tree family.

Ms. Madeline: Hello, everyone! I’ve been at Growing Tree for the last year in the Bud classroom and am incredibly excited to switch to the Blossoms room. I am originally from Utah, where I taught preschool there as well. This past year in Oregon has been one filled with adventure and insight, and I am so grateful to build new experiences with your children! I strongly advocate for the importance of growth through discovery and believe that a lifelong love of learning begins when we are young. Children learn through the example we set, so let that example be one filled with passion, kindness, and exploration! 

All of us in the Blossom room are excited to get to know your family and grow together throughout the year. We look forward to exploring many different studies, including music, art, and Oregon wildlife!

Wishing you well,

Miriam, Keegan, and Madeline

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