Our Staff

The staff at Growing Tree Children’s Center are specialists in Early Childhood Education. They understand the importance of developing a positive relationship with each child. Every staff member is registered in the Oregon Registry and is awarded a Step 1-11 based on his/her level of education, training and experience. They complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of early childhood education courses yearly. 

Teachers are experienced in facilitating the growth and development of children from birth to age five. Several staff members hold Bachelor Degrees; others have AA degrees in Early Childhood education or are continuing their education at the college level. Some have community based training along with experience. All staff are required to be registered in the Central Background Registry, maintain a current CPR card, Food Handlers card and have completed a Child Abuse and Neglect course. Yearly, each staff member contributes six hours of volunteer time to the Center.

"While I cannot attest to the care at other centers I know many parents who are always seeming to be shopping for new child care - you never hear of anyone leaving Growing Tree! At Growing Tree every kid and parent is happy with their care, teacher, and friends. It's an amazing and caring group of providers that provides a wonderful experience that is an exceptional value."
- Kyle