Our Goals

Goals for Infants and Toddler

Our goal at Growing Tree is to make your infant/toddler feel safe, secure, and nurtured while in our care. We recognize that each child is a unique individual who develops at his/her own rate. Our infants and toddlers are divided into “family pods,” each with a teacher/primary caregiver. Each pod has four children. This method of care giving allows teachers, children, and families the opportunity to work as a team to provide the best care for their child.

We provide an environment that is emotionally warm and nurturing, physically safe and cognitively challenging. Respect is shown to each child along with observations in order to understand and meet his/her individual needs.

Goals for two to Five Year Olds

Social Emotional Development

  • To experience a sense of self esteem

  • To exhibit a positive attitude towards life

  • To demonstrate cooperative, pro-social behavior

Cognitive Development

  • To acquire learning and problem-solving skills

  • To expand logical thinking skills

  • To acquire concepts and information

  • To demonstrate skills in make-believe

  • To expand verbal communication

  • To develop beginning reading skills

  • To acquire beginning writing skills

Physical Development

  • To enhance gross motor skills

  • To enhance and refine motor skills

  • To use all senses in learning

By focusing on children’s socio-emotional, cognitive and physical growth Growing Tree Children’s Center promotes an integrated and effective developmental approach to learning for children of all abilities.

My son is two and has been going to Growing Tree since he was 3 months old. The staff in each of the the three classrooms he has been in have been amazing. They seem to sincerely love what they do and really bond with each child. He thrives on constant activity so this has been a really great setting for him.
- Proud Parent